• Zesta

    It's been a while...

    October 2, 2013 by Zesta

    4 years since the first season of the anime ended and still no news of a second season :( 

    I've done my best to be patient...but I'm ready to give up hope :/

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  • Zesta

    Is it just me, or does anyone else feel that the ending of the 07-Ghost manga is kind of...rushed? There are a lot of things left unexplained. I was anticipating Miroku Barsburg's backstory, Mikage becoming human again, the Ghosts having more battles to fight, but in the end, none of that happened. Ayanami/Verloren's death also felt too rushed. He was built up to be this menacing death god, and then he just dies within a few chapters because he was impaled by his own scythe? o.0

    On the plus side, at least we get to see the return of Fea Kreuz and Lance, Millea well again, and adorable little reborn Teito.........

    On an unrelated note, are any of the other contributors having trouble with Template: War? Because whenever I insert it into a pag…

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