• Sebun Gousuto

    I'm writing this for the purpose of expressing my thoughts about the previous generation of Seven Ghosts. Uwah, when it comes to this series, theories just keep piling up in my head.

    I wonder if it's just me, but I feel that the previous generation of Seven Ghosts was sort of divided into 'cliques'. Obviously, they all liked each other and were all friends (before Landkarte was corrupted and started betraying everyone right left and center), but whenever I read chapters in which they appear, I see cliques within the septet. The most obvious one would be Ea and Landkarte-like Teito and Mikage, and Ayanami and Hyuuga, they stick together like glue. XD Then there's Profe, Fest and Relikt-they died together, the current generation reflects theiā€¦

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  • Sebun Gousuto Well...I'm intrigued by this page in manga chapter 51 (provided in the link). Ouka seems to be a yaoi fangirl...either that or she's a teacher student romance shipper. 

    Who agrees with me? *looks around* Feel free to comment.

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