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    Some fish can grow to be pregnant and are live-bearers. Koi do not fit into this category. A female Koi will lay eggs. The eggs must be pushed out of her by the male. There are indicators to appear for to determine if your Koi is full of eggs.

    1. The Koi appears fat or bloated.

    2. The males are chasing the female around the pond. It can be fairly aggressive as they might bash her against the side from the pond.

    3. Koi is swimming far from the surface, seldom coming up.

    4. The female stays away in the other fish mainly because she is looking for a place to lay eggs.

    5. The female Koi may suck on plants or the sides of your pond to clean space for the eggs.

    6. The male gains white spots on their pectoral fins as well as the covering of their gills…

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