There are a few things that puzzle me, in the series: 

  • If the Raggs war occurred 10 years before the series start, and Ouka was 3 at the time, shouldn't she be 13 now and not 16?
  • We know that only a woman can rule the Barsburg Empire. If that's the case, how is it possible that Karu, a male, was considered a candidate for the throne when he was human?
  • The Seven Ghosts are supposedly not allowed to return to heaven until they've completed their goal of defeating Verloren once and for all, getting Pandora's Box to the Land of Seele. Yet, after rescuing Frau, Teito said that Guido had been about to return to heaven (see page 22 of Kapitel 96), implying that Guido would have returned to heaven if not for the Frau and Verloren's scythe situation.
  • How could Hakuren not recognise Lance as an Oak? Lance clearly has the typical features of an Oak: Fine blonde hair, long limbs, slender build and 'fox-like' features. But somehow, throughout the entire bishop's apprentice exam, and even when they met again in the Hohburg fortress, Hakuren didn't notice that Lance looks like an Oak.
  • What happened to Arcady, Eve's horse, after her death?
  • Why doesn't Eve look like the Chief? One would think, being his daughter, he would want to make her in his own image.
  • In Kapitel 8, when Mikhail speaks the gods' language, the text in his dialogue bubbles is written in a different font from when human languages are being spoken. But when Verloren and Eve talked to each other, the text in their dialogue bubbles is written in the same font as that of the predominant human language in the 07-Ghost world (Barsburg language). Why is this so?
  • Mikhail has twice referred to Raphael as male, and once as female. Is this due to a translation error, or does Raphael somehow have the ability to change his/her gender?

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