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    07-Ghost Gabriel?

    September 22, 2013 by 07G

    A while back, I saw a forum thread on Mangafox about the possible existence of an Archangel Gabriel in 07-Ghost, and that got me thinking. I've been pondering this matter for some time. To paraphrase and expand on what was discussed in that forum thread, there are three types of Zaiphon, and Mikhail and Raphael seem to be associated with the combat and healing types respectively. It's not a great stretch of the imagination to conclude that Gabriel might be associated with the manipulation type of Zaiphon, now is it? Besides, it's possible that Gabriel would be the 'go-between', so to speak, of the three angels; mediating between Mikhail and Raphael. Furthermore, if you consider that some of the gods in the series don't seem fond of humans,…

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