Just read the English translation of Kapitel 90 on Tiramisu and Strawberry's blog. And whoa, am I shocked by the revelation that Ayanami is, of all things, Teito's UNCLE. Somehow, I anticipated Ayanami being a Barsburg, but I did not see this coming. And to think that Ayanami killed his own brothers-talk about kin-killing.  I can't wait to see the next chapter!! 

But, why would Ayanami kill his own brothers, especially if, as Millea says, he was 'cared for so preciously'? o.0 I'm puzzled by this...hopefully there will be some answers in the next few chapters. Could someone have killed him? Did he know he is Verloren when he killed Fea Kreuz and Krom? And why did he change loyalties, from Raggs to Barsburg?

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