This page is for fan-based theories and speculation (fanon). Here, you can read various theories put forth by fans throughout the series. Please record such theories here instead of inserting them in articles about canon aspects of the series. If a theory has been disproved or confirmed, please write that in accordingly.

About Eve Edit

  • Eve's soul is split between Teito and Ouka. (Disproved)
  • Millea is the reincarnation of Eve. (Disproved)
  • Teito is the reincarnation of Eve. (Disproved)

About Miroku Edit

  • Miroku is Millea's father. (Neither disproved nor confirmed)

About Verloren's defect Edit

  • The defect is the Chief of Heaven's twin. (Disproved)

About Wolfram Edit

  • Wolfram is from the same God House as Landkarte/Katsuragi. (Neither disproved nor confirmed)

About DaliaEdit

  • She is Millea's sister. (Neither disproved nor confirmed)

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