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Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs
ヴァールハイト・ティアシェ・ラグス Varuhaito Tiashe Ragusu
Teito Klein as he appears in the anime.
Aliases Teito Klein (Teito Kurain テイト・クライン)
Master (by Mikhail)
Damn brat (by Frau)
Traveller of Seele
2741 (as a slave)
Species Human
Nationality Raggs
Gender Male
Age 16-17
Birthday December 1st[1]
Height 156 cm
Weight 43 kg
Personal status
Status Deceased (reincarnated)[2]
Relatives Barsburg Family, Klein Family, Antwort Family and Raggs Family
Professional status
Occupation Former slave, apprentice bishop and begleiter
Prince and vessel
Affiliation Raggs
Manga Kapitel 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Saiga Mitsuki

Teito Klein, born Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs, is the main protagonist of the anime and manga series 07-Ghost.

He is first introduced as an amnesiac and a former battle slave who was captured by the Barsburg Empire and was considered to be the military academy's star pupil. It is later revealed that he is a prince of Raggs. Teito is also related to the Antwort Family through his father's union with Vanessa Antwort. Through his mother and maternal grandparents, he can claim descent from the Barsburg Family as well. 


There was a child born in absolute secrecy to the King from a concubine. His name was Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs.

—Ayanami, telling Hyuuga of the birth of the Raggs Prince.[3]


The birth of Teito.

Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs was born on the 1st of December into the Raggs Family: the son of King Weldeschtein Krom Raggs and a young teacher named Millea Klein. Through his father, Teito is the grandson of the previous king and queen of Raggs. His mother is the daughter of  a Barsburg concubine. 

His uncle, Fea Kreuz, and both the Former Assistant Archbishops were present at his birth and blessed him. An only child, Teito was the sole heir to the imperial throne of the Raggs kingdom and a direct descendant of Vertrag, one of the revered Seven Ghosts

However, his birth was kept a tightly guarded secret and was absent from the majority of official records,[4] as the Queen of Raggs, Vanessa Antwort, was a woman of very violent temperament, and would have had the young Tiashe killed.

Early childhoodEdit

As Teito's mother was a 'commoner', the marriage between her and Teito's father was not recognised as legally binding, thus King Weldeschtein later married Vanessa Antwort, the princess of Antwort, before Teito was 3 years old. The marriage was to ally the two kingdoms of Raggs and Antwort, and although Vanessa dearly loved Weldeschtein, he did not have the same feelings for her, so Millea was kept as a concubine. As Vanessa discovered Teito was the son of the woman whom Weldeschtein loved, it caused the new-found Raggs queen to despise him. Thus, Teito spent most of his childhood in the Barsburg Church, nurtured by his uncle Fea Kreuz: vessel for the ghost Vertrag.

Sometime before Teito turned 4, Millea became very ill- due to a poisoning by Landkarte- falling into a coma. Krom and his son would still visit her bedside every morning.

Vanessa's interventionEdit

While Vanessa Antwort was initially pleased with Millea Klein's illness, she came to realise Krom's love for his concubine will continue through his love for Teito Klein- who resembled her greatly. These feelings were further intensified by the King's announcement that Teito will be made the official heir to the Raggs Kingdom, (as Vanessa was unable to bear children[5] thus produced no heirs) despite being an illegitimate child. Maddened and heartbroken by the fact her husband would never love her in the way he loved Millea, Vanessa sought to dispose of the young Prince so Krom's love for Millea would die with his son.

Mummy is very sick, and daddy always has a sad face. Since he loves red flowers, if I give him one he will be happier.

—Teito Klein, whilst being lead away by Vanessa.[6]

When Teito was left in the care of a Royal Attendant, Vanessa lured him away from his guardian by promising to help him find flowers for his father. She then took him to a dungeon and branded his back with a Sklave brand which would forever mark him as less than human. However, after doing so, she was overcome with fear and guilt- as discovery of her crime would likely result in her execution, and was thus easily manipulated by The Pope, who proposed they kill another child in Teito's place and the Prince's attendant be used as a scapegoat. This would save Vanessa's life, but in return Vanessa would give the Prince to the Pope. Vanessa agreed.

As Pandora's BoxEdit


Teito as a child with the Eye of Mikhail.

The Pope sought the power of knowledge, something that the God of Death, Verloren had been blessed with, so he attempted to bring about his revival. The Pope sealed Verloren's body within Teito by tricking the King of Raggs to change the container of Pandora's Box (the vessel that seals the body of Verloren), from a coffin to his son. The Raggs king was not aware of what the Pope had done, until Vanessa was unable to bear the secret and revealed the whereabouts of Teito, and the wishes of the Pope, to her husband. With this knowledge, the Pope's plan was foiled by Fea Kreuz, who escaped with Teito back to Raggs Castle. In order to make sure Teito's soul was not eaten by what was sealed in him (Verloren's body), the King made his son the vessel of the Eye of Mikhail, as the Eye seals his (Verloren's) body.

As soon as word had gotten out that Fea Kreuz had stolen Pandora's box (actually Teito) from the Pope, Barsburg (currently known as District 3) waged war on the Raggs Kingdom, thus starting the Raggs War.

The Raggs WarEdit

In an effort to keep Pandora's box safe from Barsburg, Fea Kreuz vowed to escape with the child, to the Seven God houses, getting a Cursed Ticket from each one in order to enter the Land of Seele. After giving his brother a final goodbye, Kreuz erased Weldeschtein's memory so the Barsburg Imperial Army could not learn the whereabouts of Teito and the ghosts.

Teito, along with Kreuz, and the King's best bodyguards: Agas, Mark and Karan, escaped the District on foot, (as the mountains have a strong magnetic field that prevents Hawkzile travel) but their efforts were met with hostiliy, and they were pursued by several foot-soldiers, as well as Black Hawks member Hyuuga. Mark leaves the others to continue while he tries to stop the pursuing soldiers, but is killed by Hyuuga. Karan soon falls behind to try to stop the approaching Black Hawk, but is cut down too. Hyuuga then fires his Zaiphon, exposing the three remaining people, but the Eye of Raphael is activated on the area and causes the ground to collapse on itself. Agas catches Teito as he falls, then throws him to Kreuz, falling to his death in the process.

Hyuuga is slowed down by the blow, but not killed, and Kreuz and Teito take this opportunity to put more distance between them. They (Kreuz and Teito) are soon teleported away by the Ghost Landkarte. Kreuz prepares to fight, but the other Ghosts explain they are here to help.

Fea discloses that Pandora's Box had been sealed within Teito. The ghosts decide that Teito must travel to the Land of Seele in order to destroy Verloren's body and purify Teito.

However, at the end they are betrayed by Landkarte who slays all the other ghosts

The end of the Raggs WarEdit


Teito witnessing his father's execution.

Although the details have not yet been revealed, it is known that Fea Kreuz did not survive the Raggs War with his nephew, Teito.

While waiting for Landkarte to return to take them to the God house, Teito witnessed his father, Weldeschtein, being killed by Ayanami through a projected screen. Kreuz was also slain by Ayanami, and his powers absorbed, but this was after he (Kreuz) used his powers to also erase Teito's memories.

Sometime after the war with Raggs ended, Teito Klein was found by Miroku Barsburg, most likely through the help of Raphael. Teito was taken in as a common Sklave.

Fea Kreuz's Clergy Pass had been recovered from Teito's person, convincing Miroku that Teito was hiding something. Ayanami searched Teito's memories for evidence of the Eye of Mikhail and Pandora's Box,[7] but was unable to find anything as Kreuz had used his powers as Vertrag to seal Teito's memories.

Years spent in the new capital of BarsburgEdit

As a combat sklaveEdit


Teito as a combat sklave.

Due to his memories being erased by his uncle, Teito originally knew nothing of his past other than he was a citizen of Raggs, currently known as District 1, until he was orphaned at age five during the Raggs War.

Fea Kreuz's Clergy Pass had been recovered from Teito's person, convincing Miroku Barsburg that Teito was hiding something. Teito then was taken as a prisoner of war and raised as Miroku's battle sklave for nine years. He was given a four-digit number for a name (2741), and his reflexes, strength and Zaiphon fighting ability were honed. It was his job to execute those condemned to death, and he faced abuse if he did not comply. 

He lived his life under Chairman Miroku's roof under the protection of housemaid Kurena, and under the constant supervision of Miroku's begleiter Karu. Miroku's subordinates are the only people he ever spoke to, and Kurena, though mute, treated him with kindness, whereas Karu did not.

Kurena! Please move! Kurena! I don't want this any more!

—Teito, trying to escape.[8]

During the execution of a death row prisoner, Teito is disturbed by the prisoner's cries for his "mummy", and breaks down back at Miroku's home. He attempts to escape, but is stopped by Kurena, who blocks his entrance to the door. However, when she sees him cry, she moves out of the way, prompting Karu to tell Teito that Kurena will be killed if he escapes. Teito vows to free Kurena by joining the military, and Kurena bids him goodbye.

As a military studentEdit

When Teito was fourteen he enroled in the Barsburg Military Academy, apparently gaining a full scholarship on Chairman Miroku's behalf, and was considered it's star pupil. Despite his handling of his Zaiphon that made him noticeable to the teachers there, he stood out to the pupils for all the wrong reasons. He was bullied because of his past as a sklave, and because of the preferential treatment he received from the Chairman, one of his most persistent hounders being Shuri Oak. Despite this, Teito struck up a friendship with Mikage.

Barsburg ChurchEdit

The Begleiter ExamEdit


Mikage and Teito making a promise that if they die, they die together.

At the start of the manga, Teito makes a promise with his best (and only) friend, Mikage, that they would die together. They both get ready for the final exam of the year, the Begleiter exam, which they need to pass if they wish to graduate and become begleiters. The exam is notoriously difficult, the candidates being required to kill a Troll. During the exam, Teito saves the life of a panic stricken Shuri Oak, his tormentor, and he (Teito) and Mikage restrain the Troll. Teito, refuses to kill the Troll though, even when the examiner explains the exam will not end until the criminal is dead. When Teito refuses again, Ayanami kills the Troll, and with that the exam is over and Teito and Mikage have passed.

An assassination attempt, and the escapeEdit

After the exam, when walking to return his documents to an examiner, Teito overhears a familiar clinking noise and looks through the slightly open door where the sound is coming from. He sees the Chief of Staff, Ayanami, holding a golden necklace, and the sight of this triggers a flashback of when he saw his father murdered. Recognising the Chief of Staff as his father's killer, Teito bursts into the room, attempting to assassinate him. However, Teito is easily stopped by his bodyguard, Hyuuga, captured and sent to a cell where he is to await interrogation.

I can't let you turn yourself into a criminal, Mikage. I've got to run from here on my own... We will... always be friends right?

—Teito's final words to Mikage before he escapes., Kapitel 1.

As several guards clear out Teito's locker, Mikage overhears their gossip about Teito's fate, and goes out to find and help him. As Mikage descends the prison stairs, he finds Teito had already killed all the guards, and the pair flee the prison. Pursued by the guards, and realising there is no escape for the two of them, Teito pretends to take Mikage hostage, allowing him to escape but ensuring the guards would not harm his friend. Teito escapes on Hawkzile, but is attacked by Ayanami's Zaiphon, which destroys the vehicle and causes him to crash. Teito's unconscious body is found by three Bishops from the neighbouring District, and he is taken to the Barsburg Church.

Mikage's return and deathEdit

The three Bishops introduce themselves as Frau, Castor and Labrador, and despite the friendly reception Teito struggles to adjust to life in the Church. When Teito bumps into Labrador, he (Labrador) offers him a white rose as a charm to protect him, the pair of them unaware that the military has begun tracking Teito's movements, and realise he has escaped to the Church, under the protection of the seven ghosts.

After deciding that he cannot stay in the Church, Teito attempts to leave, but is suddenly and inexplicably reunited with his best friend Mikage. As Mikage is tired and unable to travel, Teito continues to live at the Barsburg Church and swears to look after Mikage as he rests. Meanwhile Castor becomes increasingly apprehensive at the sudden, unexplained appearance of Mikage and Labrador's odd behaviour, and Teito is pressured into always wearing the flower of protection just to be safe. Teito, in turn, begins to feel more comfortable in the company of the nuns and Bishops, revealing his name to them, something which he had been too untrusting of them to do before.

Incident with the KorEdit

I want... to meet the father...

—Teito's wish to the old man Kor., Kapitel 4

As Teito explores the Church at night, he meets an Old Man, who tells Teito he has the power to give Teito what he wants if Teito would let him, and tells him to return at midnight. Teito, after parting with the old man, is unsure at first but changes his mind when he hears the midnight bell toll. Greeting the old man again, Teito finds some of his memories are brought back, such as the sight of Fea Kreuz, but the situation takes a turn for the worse when the man sprouts skeletal wings, and Teito is stopped from rushing towards Fea Kreuz by a mysterious figure. The Bishops rush to his aid, having sensed something was amiss earlier.

Frau challenges the Old Man on his actions, and he (the old man) is revealed to be a Kor, who is hunting Teito as he is a criminal from the 1st District. Frau defends Teito, and uses a mysterious weapon, looking like a scythe, to fend off the Kor, and asks the Kor if his 'master' would be prefer the scythe to Teito.

Teito having the mark of the Kor removed

The Kor reacts with outrage upon seeing the weapon, and recognises Frau as having 'his' scythe. During the ensuing battle, Teito is somehow able to see Frau's weapon, something he normally should not be able to do, and is saved from falling out the window when Labrador catches him. It takes the combined efforts of Frau, using the scythe, and Castor, using his ghost strings, to destroy the wings of the Kor and take the Old man to safety. Frau then takes Teito back to his room and removes the mark of the Kor from Teito.

After the event, Teito is introduced to Razette, a Noel Mermaid who lives in the Church reservoir. She takes an instant liking to Teito, and the two strike up a friendship. Teito learns more about the three wishes granted by the Chief of heaven, as well as the intentions of Verloren's messengers, the Kor. Castor informs him to keep the incident with the Kor a secret.

Mikage's soulEdit

Teito goes to visit Mikage once again, and is overjoyed to see him well, but becomes anxious when he finds that Mikage's hands are cold. Teito, however, is unaware that the Bishops are also anxious after Labrador reveals he had a vision of Mikage disappearing, and Mikage only has half a soul left and will soon cease to exist.

Teito, on the other hand, explains all of his recovered memories to Mikage (brought on by the flashback in Barsburg, and the old man Kor), mainly his relationship with the King of Raggs, Weldeschtein Krom Raggs, and is surprised, but pleased when Mikage believes him without question, but he (Teito) is suddenly struck down with another memory of Raggs and tells Mikage that he is unable to return to the Imperial Army. Upon hearing this, Mikage tells Teito to follow the light instead of taking revenge against the army, and then begs Teito to kill him.

It is shown that when Mikage was under interrogation he was given a choice between his family and Teito, to choose the one he likes and then bring them to the military, and if he chose neither, then he would die. Biding Teito a final goodbye, Mikage suddenly becomes more aggressive, sprouts a single Kor wing, and then attacks Teito.

Teito, with the Eye of Mikhail, and Mikage fight.

As Teito flees, Mikage, now a one-winged Kor, has him cornered on the Bridge of Trials, and the two fight. Mikage attempts to place a Promise Collar on Teito that will control him.

Teito fights back and, remembering what Frau had done earlier with the Old Man (destroying the wings of the Kor), attempts to destroy Mikage's Kor wing. Mikage defends himself, and reminds Teito that he is not a normal Kor and the destruction of the wing will result in his death, not save him. He then restrains Teito and puts the promise collar on him, letting the collar bite him (Mikage) so it recognises him as his master.

...Then you'd be in trouble if I died. In exchange for my neck, let Mikage...

—Teito, attempting to decapitate himself using his zaiphon.[9]

As Teito attempts suicide, he accidentally activates the Eye of Mikhail that had been dormant for many years, and summons the God Mikhail. He (Mikhail) tries in vain to attack Mikage, but the collar pevents him from doing so. Frau, having found Teito in time, protects Teito and challenges the one controlling Mikage, revealed to be the Chief of Staff, Ayanami.

Ayanami recognises Frau as, Zehel, one of the Seven Ghosts, and upon hearing this, Teito remembers hearing the same from one of the sisters in the Church and believes he has come to help, as the sister had said the Ghosts appear to those in need.
Teito and mikage

Mikage and Teito's final embrace

Frau realises that Mikage's soul is being eaten, and that it is impossible to save him. Teito does not realise this and begs for Miakge to be saved by the Ghost. Mikage goads Teito into taking revenge against the Barsburg Imperial Army, and then he throws himself against the scythe Zehel is wielding, which cuts his wing, thus killing himself. Ayanami, noticing the scythe Zehel wields, warns Frau that his scythe will soon return to him (Ayanami), so he must treat it with care until then. As Mikage dies, Teito runs to him, and he and Teito share one last hug.

The next day after Mikage's death, Teito becomes depressed. Frau comforts him, and brings him Mikage's reincarnation, an orphaned Fyulong dragon that had fallen from its mother's nest. Teito is overjoyed that Mikage has chosen to protect him in another life. Spotting the Promise collar around Teito's neck, Frau tries to remove it, but then accidentally becomes Teito's master when it bites him. An exasperated Castor explains that if Teito and Frau are separated for more than 48 hours, the collar will explode.

The Bishop's Apprentice Exam ArcEdit

  • Castor, in Ghost form, rendering Teito unconscious
  • Castor render Teito unconscious in the manga

The Seven GhostsEdit

Teito remembers Mikage's last words, telling Teito that he loves him and not to take revenge against the Imperial Army, scrawled all over the Church walls with his Zaiphon. Despite this, Teito confronts Castor, wishing to travel to Hohburg Fortress to take revenge. When questioned on past events, Teito tells Castor that he knows Frau is actually a Ghost, Zehel, and Castor has the same scent.

Castor suddenly renders Teito unconscious, revealing himself to be a Ghost too, and attempts to erase Teito's memory of the battle with Mikage. However, he is stopped by Frau, who reasons that it will take away Mikage's last smile, Teito's last treasure.

Castor warns Frau that he will lose his position as a Ghost if 'the higher-ups' were to find out about Frau letting Teito keep his memories of having seen Frau as a Ghost, but before they are able to take it any further, Frau's scythe malfunctions and attacks an unconscious Teito, despite Frau's protests.


Mikahil defending Teito

The Eye of Mikhail intervenes before Teito is injured, and a furious Mikhail attacks the two Bishops. When Mikhail demands the removal of the collar, Castor counters that only the army can remove it. To control Mikhail, Frau makes use of the commands of the collar, and once Teito has been incapacitated, the Bishops decide to enrol Teito in the clergy exams.

As the Bishops ask Teito if he will take the Bishop's Apprentice Exam, Teito says that he will avenge Mikage by travelling to Hohburg Fortress. As Teito breaks down and expresses that he now has no reason to live now that Mikage is dead, Frau comforts him and Castor explains the need for a Clergy Pass which will help him in his revenge. Teito agrees and Castor introduces Teito to preparation for the first half of the exam, which is a written test.

Teito surpasses expectations after revealing Fea Kreuz taught him all he needed to know when he was a child. Satisfied, Castor turns his attention to the training for the practical half of the exam, introducing Teito to a Baculus, which he struggles to control. Teito is given the task of catching a Kor, something which he does not succeed at. Fortunately, Labrador rescues him in time, and gives him some tea. The guilt of Mikage and his struggle to control a Baculus takes its toll on Teito, and he admits to Labrador that he feels that he deserves to be punished for Mikage's death.

A new rivalEdit

You wouldn't happen to know a bastard called Shuri from the cowardly Oak's?

—Teito, in response to Hakuren's taunt of "elementary school kiddie".[10]

Still before

Hakuren and Teito's first meeting.

Whilst delivering a book, Teito mistakenly believes another acolyte is Mikage, and pursues him, grabbing his shoulder to get his attention. The boy is actually Hakuren Oak, who, irked at Teito's actions, behaves rudely towards him, and, upon seeing Teito's Exam Badge, declares Teito his rival. Teito and Hakuren get off to a rough start: Hakuren, mocking Teito's small stature, calls Teito an "elementary school kiddie", and Teito recognises Hakuren as a member of the Oak family, and insults their name. While Teito pursues Burupya, who has climbed onto Hakuren's head, he stumbles across Bastien exorcising a Kor, and is introduced to the Assistant Archbishop.

Later in the day, Teito is lead to his dorm room by the three Sisters, and is appalled to discover that his room mate is Hakuren. When going to the practice hall, the receptionist there suddenly collapses. After taking him to the infirmary, Teito and Hakuren arrive at the practice hall with Hakuren demonstrating his skill with a Baculus, and Teito struggling at first. However, when thinking of Mikage, Teito floods the device with power so that he breaks the Baculus and the barrier. The Baculus Teito used is revealed to be Frau's, which makes Hakuren furious that Teito did not know how skilled Frau was while using his Baculus.

The Wars AttacksEdit

When Aldo dies, Teito and Hakuren rush to the scene and find Aldo's corpse lying on the floor. Suspicion falls upon the Seven Ghosts, who people believe could not forgive Aldo for his crimes. Meanwhile, Teito returns to his research on the Eye of Mikhail, but cannot find any information that is new to him, but stumbles across the myth of Verloren, the God of Death who was sealed by the Seven Ghosts. As Bishop Frau arrives to check on Teito, Hakuren Oak, eager to impress Frau, offers him some porn and the two instantly strike up a friendship, but Bastien appears and confiscates the porn.

Worried, Teito asks whether the Seven Ghosts would really kill Aldo and Bastien replies that the Ghosts do not forgive evil, and that death was the only way Aldo could atone for his sins. When Teito later goes to visit Frau about his broken Baculus, he (Teito) overhears him (Frau) and Castor talking about the Eye of Mikhail, and Teito is angry with what he hears, believing that the bishops had used him just like the Imperial Army had done. He flees but is pursued by Frau, who he attacks, but is quickly apprehended, and Frau explains himself.


Teito's sklave brand.

When Teito finally returns to his room, after a long night of training, he begins to undress, thinking Hakuren is asleep. Hakuren, awake, spots the sklave brand on Teito's back. Recognising it, he feels guilty for his earlier insults of "elementary school kiddie" as Teito, as a sklave, may never have gone to school. When Teito apologises too, for insulting the Oak family name, and questions Hakuren's decision to join the Church, Hakuren tells Teito why he wanted to become a Bishop, bridging the gap between the two acolytes.

Hakuren defends Teito from Kuroyuri's Wars.

Teito trains with Castor the next day, and is rewarded with a professional Baculus when he succeeds. Castor invites Hakuren to join in since he (Hakuren) had been watching. As the two students make their way back to their room, they are attacked by a Wars, being controlled by Black Hawk member, Kuroyuri, who had infiltrated the Church earlier.

The Wars launches for Teito but he is pushed out of the way by Hakuren, who takes the blow but is knocked out the window. Teito then throws himself out the window in an attempt to save Hakuren. Both boys are caught by Frau who then destroys the Wars. Frau realises that members of the Imperial army have infiltrated the Barsburg Church.

If I'm going to become stronger to protect you, I want to become friends

—Teito, pledging his friendship to Hakuren.

Teito and Hakuren wake up in Frau's room after the Wars attack the night before, and Teito is furious at Hakuren for risking his life to save him. When Hakuren tells Teito that a Bishop must help anyone and extends his hand as a sign of friendship, Teito refuses the offer, fearing the loss of a friend again after Mikage. When Frau wakes up, the two acolytes return to their rooms, and on the way back, Teito tells Hakuren they will become friends when Teito is able to protect him, something Hakuren finds silly.

Frau's arrestEdit

Teito, after being given a Clergy Pass by a man in Bishop clothing in the library, tells Castor and Labrador that the pass belonged to Fea Kreuz. Castor tells Teito that his "father" (Fea Kreauz) was excommunicated from the Church for stealing Pandora's Box, and then attacks the Bishop who handed Teito the pass, revealed to be Black Hawk Haruse, but Haruse is revealed to be a doll. This causes Jio and the three Bishops to realise that the seal of the Eye of Raphael has been broken, and the Eye of Mikhail is under threat.

Castor and Labrador explain the situation in detail, and reveal to Teito that his 'father', Fea Kreuz, had stolen Pandora's Box and then fled, something which tore a hole in the relationship between Barsburg and Raggs. Castor goes on to say that Raggs had given Kreuz shelter from Barsburg, and by these events it would have been right for Raggs to have been toppled. Teito, however, refuses to believe that Kreuz was a bad person. Just then, Labrador receives word from his flowers that Frau has been imprisoned in Light Dungeon awaiting execution.

It's my fault that you're suffering like this. I hate it!

—Teito, feeling guilty for Frau's arrest.


Teito's attempt at a smile.

Teito prepares to save Frau by swimming to Light Dungeon, refusing to believe that Frau is the traitor within the Church. He is aided by Razette, who gives him a scale to eat so he can breathe, and leads him to Frau. As Teito attempts to break Frau free, Frau stops him, then asks Teito to smile fo him. Teito manages an awkward smile, and then remembers the time when Mikage would teach him how to smile.

When he resurfaces, he is greeted by Hakuren who reminds him that it's time for dinner, and when they arrive at the dinner hall, he meets Ouida and Liam, who quiz him on his training with Castor, saying that there are rumours those who witness his (Castor's) Zaiphon are traumatised. Hakuren and Teito then decide to do some investigating, and arrive at the scene of the crime in order to prove Frau's innocence

The revealEdit

As Teito meets the Guardians, Hakuren strikes a dark figure that appears behind Teito, but it is revealed to be Bastien, who is also searching for clues. When questioned, Bastien reveals his past with Frau, but leaves when his shift ends. Noticing the Baculus he has hit Bastien with was tainted, Hakuren realises that the Warsfeil within the Church was Bastien, and the two rush to Bastien's room to confront him.

Evading the guards, the pair discover a secret passageway where Bastien awaits them.

Teito, using Mikhail fights Bastien.

He is revealed to be a Barsburg spy, and attacks Teito for treason against the Barsburg King, for escaping with the Eye of Mikhail. When Hakuren intervenes, Bastien holds him captive and threatens to kill him if Teito does not surrender himself.

Teito fights Bastien, but is overpowered. As Teito is being devoured by the Wars, the Eye of Mikhail activates. Mikhail wakes and destroys the Wars. He attacks Bastien, but Teito stops him as Bastien is important to Frau, which results in him being beaten. Teito is stopped from being eaten when Frau appears in Ghost form, having used this form to escape his cell, and kills Bastien. The funeral for Bastien goes on, despite the happenings in the Church.

The Inflitration by the Black HawksEdit


Teito, and Hakuren, are abducted by Kuroyuri's Wars.

Teito rests after the battle with Bastien, and the three Bishops come to visit them. Upon seeing Frau, Teito attacks him, furious that Frau was willing to let Teito kill him, and he (Teito) runs off upset. As Labrador looks up at the clouds, he tells the Bishops that 'they' are coming as the Black Hawks arrive at the border of the 7th District, ready to travel to Antwort for war. As Teito wanders around, a Wars suddenly appears, summoned by Kuroyuri, and devours him (Teito) and Hakuren who was carrying tea, (rendering Teito comatose) despite the Eye of Mikhail's and Frau's attempts to save him.

As Frau is unable to get to the scene in time to save Teito and Hakuren, Ayanami prepares to retrieve Kuroyuri and Haruse from the Church, who have captured the host of the Eye of Mikhail. Hakuren, who has been transported along with Teito by accident, confronts the two Black Hawks members until Haruse knocks him unconscious, and the two Warsfeil escape with the pair. While they are flying, Hakuren wakes up and blows the Hawkzile apart with his Zaiphon, and he and the incapacitated Teito are rescued by Frau as they fall from the vehicle. As Frau pours holy water on Teito to weaken the Wars, causing Teito to recover from his coma, they are pursued by soldiers from the Army. Teito wishes to kill Ayanami, and as their transport flies towards the Ribidzile where Ayanami is, Hyuuga destroys their Hawkzile.


Teito, having the Eye of Mikhail taken from him.

Frau hijacks another Hawkzile as he falls, and Castor saves Hakuren. Teito, however, lands on Kuroyuri's Hawkzile, and Mikhail resurfaces. Mikhail attacks Kuroyuri because Kuroyuri hurt his master, but Haruse intervenes. Ignoring both Ayanami's and Kuroyuri's protests, Haruse uses his Wars to restrain and remove the Eye from Teito at the cost of his (Haruse's) soul.

As Haruse successfully separates Mikhail from Teito, the energy released from the Eye causes a large explosion that destroys two Ribidziles and most of the mountain below. As the Eye of Mikhail and Teito fall from the Hawkzile, Hyuuga and Frau speed after them.

Frau! The Eye! Why didn't you grab the Eye? Why did you go for me?

—Teito, screaming at Frau for, what he considered, prioritising wrongly.


Frau saves Teito.

As Teito and the Eye fall, Frau realises he cannot save both, and catches Teito, allowing Hyuuga to escape with the Eye. Teito is distraught at the loss of the Eye and asks Frau why he chose to save him, to which Frau replies that some things are more important. Labrador confronts Ayanami, and the latter explains they were taking a shortcut to Antwort.

Unable to do anything, the Bishops let the military pass through without further incident. Teito is reunited with Hakuren and Mikage, and has another memory of using the Eye of Mikhail when he was younger. Later on in the day, Teito and Hakuren are being tested on their Biblical knowledge by Frau, as preparation for the exam the next day. Labrador interrupts, and brings Frau a sapling of an Evie tree, believed to be the reincarnation of Bastien. Frau accepts the gift, and says that he will plant this tree in the sunniest part of the courtyard.

Eve of the ExamEdit


Teito, accidentally breaking Lance's pass.

Teito and Hakuren watch the Barsburg Church prepare for the Souls' Thanksgivings Festival. The two sit on a balcony, and Teito is amazed by the sight of some balloons, held by a small child, which he had never seen before. As the child lets go of the balloons by accident, Teito jumps for them, catches them and accidentally lands on Lance, breaking his Clergy Pass. Frau, Castor, and Labrador arrive and Lance gives them the souvenirs he bought from his travels across the 7 Districts. The four Bishops discuss the position of assistant archbishop, which is open since Bastien died. Castor refused the position, on account that he won't have enough free time to pursue his hobby of making sister dolls, and instead supported Lance as a candidate. Lance is confident, and as he leaves, Teito says that he has not forgotten Mikage's death, but will take the exam with his friend.

Frau later takes him to the Eye of God he made in the mountains following Mikhail's theft. Teito accepts this is his power. 

Ouida giving Zaiphon

Ouida giving Zaiphon to Teito.

Later that day, the candidates line up for the Bishop's apprentice exam, it is revealed that the head examiner is Lance, who is still angry at Teito for breaking his pass. Teito and Hakuren enter the exam hall and find two examinees, Wade and Kyle, shouting at two old men, who they claim bumped into them. Teito and Hakuren argue with the two other examinees, defending the Old men. Before a fight starts, the examinees are asked to get ready, and Teito finds that his Zaiphon isn't working. As the two other examinees make fun of him, one of the old men shout for someone to help and Ouida shares his Zaiphon, allowing Teito to continue.

Part 1 of the Bishop's Apprentice ExamEdit


Teito initially struggles to pass through.

The exam starts and the aspirant bishops go through several challenges: the first being to overcome their fear by fighting off a dark shadow that is the manifestation of fear. Teito, who is initially scared, overcomes fear and marches on ahead as other candidates fail, remarking on how the old men they met earlier are unfazed by the shadows.

The second test, is one on their biblical knowledge, where they must answer 100 questions in various situations. He and Hakuren Oak move together and stop at a door with a difficult multiplication question. Teito is shocked, but Hakuren solves it quickly, allowing them to pass through to the next challenge.

In the first question room, Teito and Hakuren are confronted by a monster, and Teito realises, as he dives for cover, that the question is on the monster's stomach. The next room they are submerged in water alongside live Kor where they are to answer 50 questions whilst holding their breath. Teito saves a candidate who was drowning and confronts Lance and the other examiners on why they didn't help, for which he is deducted points for talking back, and the drowning candidates are disqualified.

Despite this, they both make it to the final physical challenge, which is to walk a tightrope whilst fighting off the darkness from below and carrying the two old men. After narrowly avoiding falling to their deaths, after a Wars chews the rope so that it snaps and they are saved by Hakuren, they reach the last challenge.

Hakuren... you go through the winners door. You left your home and studied for how many years to come here, right? I took this exam to protect my friend, so I want to protect you. You should go!

—Teito, explaining why he thinks Hakuren should pass.


Teito and Hakuren argue over who should pass.

Two doors stand side by side, and the inscription on the wall reads that the candidates must fight each other and the victor must walk through the door of the victor, as only one member of the pair is allowed to pass the exam. Each boy thinks that the other deserves to pass more than himself, and the two old men they helped offer to give up, allowing them both to pass, but they go unheard. After writing an obscenity on the door as opposed to their names, they both decide to walk through the door of the defeated. When asked why they chose the door of defeat they say: "there are no losers, just companions to fight alongside- brothers in arms",  where Bishop Lance appears and tells them that their selfless solution made them pass.

Part 2 of the Bishop's Apprentice ExamEdit

As the remaining candidates pass through to the next exam, Teito asks what the marks engraved in the walls were, much to the annoyance of Hakuren Oak and Kyle. Lance interrupts, and explains the marks are the signs of each of the Ghosts. Teito, reminded of Frau, is saddened when he hears the Ghosts' souls cannot return to heaven.

The Bishops and candidates then part, and Teito enters the second part of the exam and faces his biggest enemy: Ayanami.

The one I've wanted to eliminate is my darkness.

—Teito, realising 'Ayanami' is a manifestation of his own darkness.


An Ayanami illusion stabs Teito.

Teito swears to kill Ayanami, and charges at him. However, he is no match for the trained soldier, who dodges the attack and stabs Teito in the chest. Lance comments that Teito has failed the exam. Teito is left on the bridge, and appears to go into shock- frightening the examiners that fear for his safety. Lance is about to stop the exam but notices something about Teito's demeanour has changed. Teito realises Ayanami is actually a manifestation of his own darkness, and the image of Ayanami begins to fade, but Teito is then confronted with another illusion. This time, an illusion of Mikhail.

Then you come with me too.

—Teito, offering Mikhail his hand.[11]

The Mikhail illusion reminds Teito of the deaths in his life and says that he was the one that got them through them. Teito thinks of the promise he made to Mikage Celestine, and rejects Mikhail's offer to hurt those who have hurt him. As Teito tries to leave, Mikhail grabs him and tells him he loves him the most. Teito asks Mikhail to join him, and Teito facing his fear causes the illusion to vanish. Teito passes the exam.

Escape from the ChurchEdit

Upon exiting the exam room, Teito is greeted by Frau, and the sight of several bodies of members of the imperial army on the floor. It's revealed the Barsburg Armed Forces are investigating the Barsburg Church in order to find the wielder of the Eye of Mikhail, after the previous day's incident. Frau congratulates Teito on passing, and informs him he is now his apprentice. The pair then rush to escape the army, giving Hakuren a final goodbye. They regroup with Castor, Labrador and Lance- who gives Teito his Clergy Pass.

I'm going to follow in Father's steps, and go to the Land of Seele.

—Teito, telling the Bishops he wants to finish what his family started.[12]


Frau, with Teito, escape the Church.

With the Bishops promising to hold off approaching Barsburg soldiers, Teito and Frau then rush out of the Church to escape, passing through a secret tunnel used by the Pope in emergency situations, with Labrador's petals to guide them.

They exit the tunnel in one of the back alleys in District 7. However, they are still being pursued by some soldiers. As they flee, they see a slave trader, Carl, abusing a young boy, Capella. This infuriates Teito, and he (Teito) attacks Carl and steals Capella, destroying Carl's cart in the process. The resulting explosion takes out the guards pursuing them. The three of them then continue to Ria.

Journey to District 6Edit

Once the three have reached the port of Ria, they leave their Hawkzile at the repair shop and look around for a store to buy supplies for the journey ahead. Frau finds one such store, but is shocked when they refuse entry to Capella on account of him being an un-bought sklave. Frau begins to protest but Teito, being reminded of his own treatment, angrily breaks the chains Capella wears, demanding that he be let in. Frau quickly drags them away before a fight starts.

We don't oppress other people. People are born to fulfil their dreams, to be happy.

—Teito, to Capella.[13]

Once they have reached a safe distance, Teito gives Capella his coat to hide the collar he is wearing. Capella then begins to cry at Frau's and Teito's kindness, and he calls Teito "master". Teito corrects him, and accepts Capella's request to join them on their travels (on account of Capella having no where to go).

Confrontation with CarlEdit


Frau and Teito, having incapacitated Carl's men.

Carl, who watches them from one of the buildings, has one of his men fire an anti-armour vehicle weapon at them. Teito senses the approaching blast and uses his Zaiphon to shield them. Carl then appears from the smoke, commanding a unit of slaver-traders and trolls, and dramatically introduces himself to them.

Carl addresses Frau, whilst standing on a box so he is able to look him in the eye, and demands he repay him for the destruction of his cart. One of his men notices Teito's green eyes (rare, so slaves that possess them are expensive), and Carl says he will ignore the debt Frau owes him if Teito agrees to become a sklave he can sell. His men see Teito's tattoo and recognise him as a battle sklave, and Teito and Frau then proceed to beat Carl's men into submission.

Carl relents and extends an offer of friendship: agreeing to give Capella to Teito and Frau, and offering to give them a ride past the guards to District 6: since Carl is a military-recognised slave trader he doesn't need identification papers to cross Districts. The three agree and enter Carl's cart.

Escape from CarlEdit

I'm glad there's something I can do. I thought I was just a curse.

—Teito, Kapitel 27.


Frau, Teito and Capella escape.

When inside, Teito reveals his motives for going to Seele: he hopes to recover his memories of Pandora's Box so he can find Verloren's body and destroy it. Frau warns him that Ayanami will be seeking him (Teito) as the Eye of Mikhail is useless without its wielder. Teito realises that Frau has joined him on his journey so he (Teito) can act as a decoy to draw out Ayanami so Frau can kill him. Teito rebukes Frau, saying he will kill Ayanami himself but is pleased that he can contribute. Frau reassures him of his importance.

As they near District 6, Carl slips a gas bomb, containing a sleeping gas, in the back of his cart. Upon arrival, Carl opens the back doors, expecting to find those inside sleeping, but Teito, Frau and Capella suddenly bolt on a Hawkzile that was inside with them: the sleeping gas having no effect as Burupya had eaten the bomb. Carl and his subordinates watch them get away, and Carl angrily shouts that this was part of the plan.

Hausen HouseEdit

Frau, Teito, Capella and Burupya arrive at the Hausen House of District 6. As Capella and Burupya sleep, Teito complains that it is cold, and Frau hands him an erotic magazine to "heat him up"- which Teito destroys using his Zaiphon.

I'm not attached to you! And don't treat me like a kid! I've been kept alive thanks to many people. I don't need to stand still. I can walk on my own now. Thank you, Frau.

—Teito, thanking Frau for his help.[14]

When Capella wakes up, the three go to the small church attached to the House of God to submit their report. Teito enters his details into the machine and finds a letter from Hakuren Oak, causing him to panic and try to reply. In his letter to the Church he mentions Capella, which causes Castor to mistakenly think Frau has fathered an illegitimate child and send him a strongly-worded letter, which Frau destroys in frustration.

Once they reach the front gate of the Hausen House, Teito opts to go in alone, and Frau leaves to go 'hunting' nearby- taking Capella with him.

Whilst entering, he sees what he first thinks to be Frau walking towards him, but then realises it is an image of Fea Kreuz and he sees images of his birth and an image of a screaming woman. Teito suddenly comes to, and realises that he has been to the Hausen House before.

The Hausen HouseEdit

Teito knocks on the door and it is answered by Seilan, butler of the Hausen House.

My name is Teito Klein. I have come to receive both the blessing of the God House as a guide to The Land of Seele and the Cursed Ticket.

—Teito Klein, introducing himself to Seilan.[15]


Teito demands entry into the God House.

Teito asks for help from the God House, but Seilan closes the door to him, not willing to humour a child. Seilan sends another servant of the House to escort Teito off the premises but Teito knocks the man over and demands an audience with the Head of the House. Seilan, now angry at Teito's persistence, asks Teito if he knows what Seele is. When Teito doesn't answer, Seilan tells him that to go to Seele is to die- and tells him a child so young has not place in Seele. 

Teito is at first crestfallen, wondering whether Fea Kreuz went to Seele to atone for the crime of stealing Pandora's Box, but he then tells Seilan his motives for going to Seele, and Seilan relents and allows Teito entry into the God House.

Father was killed during the Raggs War by the Imperial Army, but I have no memories until after the destruction of the Kingdom of Raggs. But I think if I retrace Father's footsteps, my memories will return... If my memories are complete, I can take back myself.

—Teito Klein, explaining his motives for going to Seele to Seilan.

Teito introduces himself to the current head of the house, Xingfa Hausen, who welcomes him warmly. He then follows Seilan deeper into the house for a change of clothes.

An attackEdit


Teito defends himself.

As Teito is escorted to his room, Seilan tells him how the Seven Houses of God are related to the Seven Ghosts. Seilan finds Xing-lu's clothes and puts them in the closet.

Once left alone, Teito runs himself a bath, and is reminded of a conversation between himself and Frau about the God House of Raggs- with Frau unwilling to go there due to Teito's connections. As Teito bathes, a figure breaks into his room, finding Xing-lu's clothes and throwing them around the room, and attacks him. Teito defends himself, knocking his attacker backwards but the figure is gone before Teito can discover his identity. Burupya alerts him to a piece of rubble left behind by the attacker, and Teito collects it as evidence.

The following morning, he is invited to dine with the head of the house Xingfa Hausen. He climbs through a window onto the second floor, surprising Seilan who had been standing there. Seilan takes him to the dining room, where Xingfa tells Teito that he knows Teito has had an assassin's upbringing as he smells of blood. Teito simply replies that Xingfa smells the same, and presents the evidence of the attack on him (Teito) to the residents of the House. He tells them that he believes his attacker will help him find the Cursed Ticket.

Xing-lu's roomEdit

I'm really jealous of you, Seilan. For the people you love, you're able to protect them.

—Teito, thinking of Mikage.[16]

Seilan walks Teito around the House and asks him if he knows anything about the Seven Houses of God. Teito repeats what Seilan had told him earlier which annoys Seilan. Seilan criticises Teito for speaking impolitely to Xingfa Hausen and reveals he was an orphan adopted by Xingfa. He then says that the job of the God Houses is to defend the Barsburg Empire by assassinating enemies. Teito asks to go into Xing-lu's room, as the attacker was interested in Xing-lu's clothes that Teito had worn. Seilan relents, after first refusing and being pressured by Teito, and leads him to the room.

Mikage told me, that if two people suffer together the sadness would be halved.

—Teito Klein, encouraging Seilan to mourn.


Seilan and Teito mourn Xing-lu.

Teito is appalled when he sees a photo of Castor on the wall, prompting Seilan to tell Teito how the former head of the Hausen House, Xing-lu Hausen, died.

After hearing the story, Teito shouts that Castor and Razette are still alive, but Seilan is furious- thinking Teito is making a cruel joke. Teito then realises that Seilan does not know of Castor and Razette's new lives, and he encourages Seilan to mourn his former master's death by praying with him and reassuring Seilan he is a good person for not forgetting him.

Whilst thinking of his former master, Seilan suddenly has a change of heart and demands Teito leave the room. Teito is confused as to why but then a huge Wars appears in the room; the tainted remains of the lady Hausen. Seilan attempts to save Teito by pushing him out of the way but he (Seilan) is unable to help Teito further as the Wars separates them and advances on Teito. Teito draws his Baculus, Seilan is dragged out of the way by the other Hausen House Servants and Teito is dragged towards the Wars by the porcelain dolls the lady is controlling.

The room is sealed off to prevent the Wars from getting out but Teito is trapped in the room with it. He fights off the dolls and is confronted with the Lady Hausen who begs for her child to return to her. The protective barrier around the room begins to break and the Wars starts to get out and attack the servants but Teito uses his Zaiphon to defend them. With Teito distracted, the lady grabs Teito and begins to devour him.

Mother! I do live! Even more, I'm no longer a child, and I'm no longer alone. Though I can't return to this house any more, I found a place where I can be myself, and mother... I am always thinking of your happiness. So please... don't cry any more...

—Teito, reassuring the Wars Xing-lu is alright.[17]

Moved by her love for her child, Teito holds her face and begins to speak for Xing-lu: telling her that her son is alive and well and still loves her. Hearing this, parts of the Wars's humanity begin to return; the lady begins to cry for her son, apologise for her actions and she begs Teito to save her. The Wars begins to melt away, and the lady's soul is exposed. Teito uses his Baculus to purify the her soul and her body dissolves into doves and lights as her soul is sent to heaven.

The room is then filled with light as the Ghost Fest appears before Teito, and asks him if he will accept the Cursed Ticket.

The Cursed TicketEdit

Teito first mistakes the Ghost before him as Zehel, but upon realising it is Castor, he asks him of his reincarnation. When Castor explains, Teito excitedly shouts that Castor can now return to his family, but Castor replies that rules prohibit him from making contact with the family that thinks him dead. Castor thanks Teito for releasing his mother from the Wars, but Teito questions Castor on The Land of Seele: asking him if to go there is to die is true.

For the life Mikage lost for me. For it to continue, just one more time. If I can make everything right. Wait for me Mikage!

—Teito, offering his life for Mikage's.[18]


The seal of Fest on Teito's arm.

Castor explains to Teito that in Seele, the Chief of Heaven takes your life and gives you a new life with one wish. Upon hearing this, Teito asks if he could exchange his life for Mikage's. When Castor replies he could, Teito demands the Cursed Ticket. Castor explains that only once Teito has acquired all seven tickets will he be able to go to Seele, and he touches Teito's forearm; the seal of Fest instantly being burned into his flesh. Castor blesses Teito, and disappears to return to his human body back in District 7.

When Fest leaves, an image of Fea Kreuz with the cursed ticket of Fest is left behind. When the image disappears, Teito looks back to see Xingfa Hausen looking at him. Xingfa asks which family Teito belongs to, and he, and the other servants are horrified when Teito tells him his father was Weldeschtein Krom Raggs. The residents of the House are shocked but ultimately believe him.

Leaving the Hausen HouseEdit

Xing-fa bids Teito farewell and Seilan leads Teito to the door, but when they enter the main room they find the Imperial Guard has entered the house. Though Seilan objects, they threaten to arrest Teito for what they perceive as an attempt to expose the crimes of the Hausen House. They are stopped from doing so by Frau, who suddenly arrives and beats the guards into submission. As Teito is dragged away by Frau, Seilan tosses Teito Xing-lu's coat and the servants all bow their heads to him and tell him to "come home soon".

It's worth risking my life... And with this hand, I'll turn on the lights. That's much better than dying without knowing my true self.

—Teito Klein, assuring Frau his plans have not changed.[19]

Once out of the Hausen House, Teito asks Frau why he did not tell him travelling to Seele would result in his death. But before Frau can answer, Teito tells him that learning this has had no impact on his decision to go to Seele. Pondering Castor's death, Teito presses a hand to Frau's body and finds he is cold, and Teito realises Frau is also dead.

The group recover their Hawkzile, and continue on their journey.

Journey to District 5Edit

The group continue on their journey to District 5 to find the next House of God, the Krat House. Feeling hungry, Teito proposes they eat Bear, and turns his attention to the large bear chasing them. Frau approves, and Teito uses his Zaiphon to kill it.

The group sit by the fire and eat, and Frau informs the others they will travel by the Mountain Road, as it will discourage pursuers from the military. Capella- who was impressed by Teito's Zaiphon, asks Teito to teach him how to properly use his. Teito shows Capella the different emotions, and suggests Capella practice the 'bad' ones as they are easier to conjure. As Capella practices, they are suddenly interrupted by a dog barking.

Frau. When I feel people's sadness... It becomes painful around here... I must still be weak.

—Teito, doubting his strength.[20]

They follow the sound and are lead to a dog chained to a gravestone. Teito first thinks the dog was abandoned, but when he notices Capella cannot see or hear the dog- realises it is dead. Teito attempts to free it by striking the chains with his Baculus yet they do not break. Frau explains a Baculus is not strong enough to break a Kor's wish, and he unleashes Verloren's Scythe and uses it to free the animal's soul- which then ascends to heaven. Teito remembers how he had freed Lady Hausen from the Wars back at the Hausen House and reflects that the pain he feels makes him weak. Frau corrects him- saying it makes him kind.

Teito then experiences another headache, and faints, whereupon he dreams of his childhood in the Kingdom of Raggs and he again has a vision of the screaming woman. Teito then wakes from the nightmare in a strange room, and wonders where he is.

The city of Baltos and MarieEdit

Upon waking, Teito immediately begins looking for Frau. He finds him downstairs, playing hide-and-seek with several of the hostesses. Frau mistakes Teito for one of the girls he is chasing, leading Teito to hit him. The Tavern owner, Madame arrives, and Teito offers to work there in order to pay for the food and rest they receive, and Madame agrees to this.

Capella is always searching for the feelings of the mother that held him close and said "I love you". Capella, I'll search with you.

—Teito Klein, vowing to help Capella find his mother.[21]


Teito and Capella watch the ball.

Whilst working, Teito uses his acrobatic skills to clear plates and dishes, but later goes to help Capella peel potatoes, where Capella recounts the story of how his mother sold him into slavery. Though Capella says he doesn't want to see his mother again, Teito suspects this is not true and promises to help him find her.

As Capella is being spoilt by several of the hostesses, Teito admires a painting of Marie. He sees her sat at a table and watches as Madame sits in the same place and Marie walks through her. Teito realises Marie is another spirit, and guesses this is the reason Frau chose this particular tavern. Later that night Teito and Capella watch the plaza ball, and Frau frees Marie's soul.



Frau, with the scythe controlling him, tries to grab Teito.

Disturbed by the commotion, Teito finds a seemingly dazed Frau on the roof. Frau dismisses Teito's concerns as tiredness, and tells Teito he needs a bath. As Teito turns his back to get towels, Frau tries to grab him- temporarily overcome by the scythe's desire to devour a 'delicious' soul. As Teito turns back around, Frau regains his senses, and stops himself from harming Teito by smashing his (Frau's) head against a wall.

Later, Teito chases Capella around the Tavern as the latter doesn't want a bath. He bumps into Frau, and the two of them make an effort to convince Capella to take a bath, but Madame interrupts them. As Madame dresses Capella, Teito notices Frau is warm- as the hot water had warmed his skin.

Leaving for DalsEdit

Teito, Frau, and Capella leave for Dals in the 5th District, with Carl watching them. Frau informs Teito that he will send in his report to the Barsburg Church, but Teito runs off with Capella- telling Frau he has something he needs to do.[22]

Teito goes to the Baltos market place, egger to spend the money Madame gave him for his hard work. He spots a pair of orange mittens and buys them for Capella, and then buys a very long scarf for Frau. However on his way back, he sees a homeless old man sat against the wall of an alleyway singing 'happy birthday' to himself. Teito is saddened by the man's plight, and gives the scarf to the old man- wishing him a happy birthday. Just then, he is confronted by a mysterious soldier.

The one-winged KorEdit


Teito punches the soldier.

The soldier reaches out for Teito, but Teito lashes out: punching the man in the face and breaking his neck. As the surrounding civilians rush to the man's help, the soldier snaps his neck back into place, and sprouts a single Kor wing. Ayanami reveals himself to be controlling the soldier.

The civilians quickly scatter. Teito drags Capella and Burupya to safety, and then engages his pursuer: attempting to purify him using his Baculus. However, the soldier launches an attack at Capella, and Teito just manages to save him, but is hurt in the process. With his arm now injured, Teito barely escapes as the soldier then destroys a large portion of the bridge they stand on.

Who would want to become your pet?! Why do you steal everything that's precious to me?! What in the world are you after?!

—Teito, screaming at Ayanami.[23]


The warning on Teito's soul.

Teito prepares to attack, but the soldier apprehends him and Ayanami tries to read Teito's sealed memories. The symbol of Vertrag and a warning: "no person whatsoever is allowed to touch these memories" appears. Ayanami tries to open the seal, but doing this triggers a 'defence mechanism', and the soldier's arm is destroyed by the seal. Before the soldier can react, Frau appears behind him and stabs him through the abdomen with his scythe. As the one-winged Kor dies, he bids Teito and Frau a final warning: that the only one who will obtain Pandora's Box is Ayanami.

As the civilians douse the street with holy water to remove all traces of the Kor, Teito begins to panic- as he knows Ayanami is watching him and he is terrified Capella will be killed. Frau quickly carries him to safety, all the while chastising him for leaving him.


Even in my dreams, even on the bridge of tribulation. Over and over, I cut Ayanami into pieces and swear vengeance. Damn it... I'm still unable to do that. Damn it! Right now he tramples me underfoot, sneering somewhere.

—Teito, reflecting on another loss.[24]

As Frau carries an injured Teito Klein to Dals, Teito laments how he is still unable to defeat Ayanami. Teito tells Frau he remembered Fea Kreuz is Vertrag, and Frau informs Teito he has tested the soul seal while Teito was sleeping- injuring his arm like Ayanami did. Teito is appalled by this, believing it to be sexual harassment, and then demands to know if Ayanami is Verloren. Frau reluctantly confirms this.

Frau flirts with a nurse as a doctor bandages Teito's arm, prompting Teito to kick him, and once Teito has recovered, he, Teito and Capella (now asleep) wander the streets of Dals. As Teito remembers how the soldier had threatened to take all that is precious, he thinks of Capella, and resolves not to let Capella get hurt. He leaves Frau and finds Carl's aircraft (who had followed them from Baltos). Evading Carl's attempts at capturing him, he makes his way onto the ship and demands to know the whereabouts of Capella's mother.


Frau and Teito invite themselves onto Carl's ship.

Carl, at first, says he doesn't know, but buckles after Teito begins to damage his ship and tells Teito he keeps records of Sklaves in his 'hideout' in the 5th District. Teito is pleased by this, as they were already on their way to District 5 to find the next God House. Just then, Frau appears, and shouts at Teito for leaving him. Frau realises that, as a slave barge, Carl's ship has free passage through the Districts, and invites himself and Teito onto the aircraft. Carl objects, but has little choice in the matter.

Whilst on the ship, Teito practices his Zaiphon with Capella, and is reminded of his time as a combat sklave. 

Teito wakes up after they have entered District 5 airspace. 

Manga synopsisEdit

He went to the 5th District, the territory of the former Raggs Kingdom, where he met Barsburg's princess and the owner of the Eye of Raphael, Ouka. After being abducted by Lem, he found out that he had coincidentally come to the God House of Profe, and was surprised that the house was the God House of Profe. Teito received extra abilities since he is the master of the Eye of Mikhail, abilities such as advanced hearing and a sixth sense. More are said to be sleeping within him.

Ayanami continued to pursue him (ordered by Miroku to bring Teito back to the Barsburg Army) while he is collecting the seven cursed tickets with Frau. He is captured by Ayanami in manga chapter 70. In chapter 71, he wakes up in a hospital in the Barsburg Army, not remembering anything that happened after the graduation exam (the army has probably used their advanced technology to do something to his memory), and is warmly welcomed by the Black Hawks. He is now Ayanami's Begleiter, a position originally held by Yukikaze and later Katsuragi.

He was assigned to be Rosemanelle Ouka Barsburg's bodyguard in her birthday ball. Then the Shadow Man appeared and Teito eventually found himself face to face with Frau (whom he had forgotten due to his brainwashing). He was attacked by Frau and the Eye of Mikhail awakened to protect Teito from Frau. Frau didn't want to let go of Teito's hand, even when Mikhail stabbed him in the stomach. In Teito's mind, he was being pulled by something, saying someone's calling him. Meanwhile, Mikhail was ready to release his Level 40 power.

Fortunately, the sight of Frau resulted in the return of Teito's memories, and Frau was unharmed by Mikhail's attack due to Verloren's scythe protecting him. As of Kapitel 91, Frau and Teito have reunited, and in Kapitel 92, Frau helped Teito fight Landkarte.

Verloren's RevivalEdit

After the Battle with LandkarteEdit

After fighting off Landkarte to defend Teito, Frau notices that Teito's soul is shining so brightly he has to physically shield his eyes from its intensity. Teito reveals to Frau that he wanted to see him one last time before the seal on Pandora's Box broke, and begs Frau to keep his promise and kill him to prevent Verloren's revival. Frau refuses and hugs him, telling Teito that he'll do something save him.[25]

Landkarte's RedemptionEdit

Teito is shown to be sinking through Verloren's core, where he sees a brief image of Eve, who leads him to Landkarte. Teito manages to save Landkarte, who, with some guidance from Eve, decides he wants to leave his darkness behind. Teito encourages him, saying that although he can't forgive Landkarte, his friend Ea is still waiting for him. As they climb atop some stairs, a voice calls to Landkarte that he's late.[26]

The voice is revealed to be Kal's, who has been waiting for Landkarte. When Landkarte expresses confusion on why he's able to ascend to heaven, Kal informs him that it's the Chief of Heaven's will, as Kal didn't write anything about Landkarte's destination in his Book of Hades. Landkarte gives Teito his cursed ticket to express his gratitude for his help, and Kal sends Landkarte ahead of him to get a "severe scolding" from the Chief of Heaven.[27]

Alone with his former charge, Kal thanks Teito for helping Landkarte, saying that the light shining from Teito's soul helped guide Landkarte back to the path of redemption. Teito asks whether the light came from the seal on Pandora's Box being broken, but Kal replies that the comes from Teito himself. Kal explains the irony of the situation: a section of Teito's soul was sealed together with Pandora's Box, effectively hiding their "last hope" within the seal along with Verloren's body. Kal hypothesizes that Teito's light will also work on Verloren, and encourages him to find a way to escape Verloren's core. Before he ascends to heaven, Kal gives Teito one last gesture of affection by gently patting his head and smiling at him in farewell. Teito watches as his former guardian leave and bids him, and Landkarte, farewell.[28]

Frau's PredicamentEdit

Scythe in the ThroneEdit

After helping Landkarte and Kal, Teito sees Eve once more. He notes that although it's his first time meeting her, he somehow feels close to her, as if he's met her before. Noticing that Eve will disappear again, he calls out for her to wait. Eve leads him to Verloren's core, where she explains to him the gravity of the situation. She tells him that he's now inside Verloren's core, and that if his soul reunites with his core, then Verloren will be revived.[29]

Teito notices Verloren's scythe has been stabbed into a throne, and realizes that Frau has become the scythe itself in an effort to stop the resurrection by sacrificing himself to save Teito. Teito gently touches the scythe and says out Frau's name, waiting for a response.[30]

Eve confirms that Frau has indeed merged with Frau's scythe, and tells Teito that if Frau remains there, his soul will be sacrificed and he will become Verloren. Teito tries to convince Frau to stop his ridiculous actions, but Eve tells him that it's futile as Frau's rejecting all information from outside his psyche. Eve then says that if Teito wants to save him, the best way is to enter Frau's deep psyche to convince him on the inside. Teito decides that he'll do that, and concentrates. His surroundings slowly begin to fade as Teito becomes more in synch with Frau's psyche, and before Teito looses focus of her, Eve wishes Teito good luck on his mission.[31]

Frau's PastEdit

Teito finds himself standing on some stairs before a pair of large doors. Teito, wondering if he'll find Frau on the other side of them, charges through.[32]

To his relief, Teito finds Frau sleeping in bed, and tells him to get away from the scythe quickly. Frau wakes up and Teito notices that Frau is smaller. Frau assumes that Teito is a stowaway aboard Guido's Aegis, and informs him that stowaways are sentenced to death via hanging. Frau, indignant that Teito called him small, holds Teito over the side of the ship. Teito tries to convince Frau to wait and struggles in Frau's hold, only for Frau to ignore him. Frau tells Teito that he'll spare him from his hanging and tells him to get lost soon, dropping him into 3rd District's river.[33]

Before Teito hits the water, he finds himself on the other side of the gates, his back flat on the stairs. He dazedly wonders at Frau's complete rejection of him only to come to the conclusion that Frau doesn't remember him or about his current predicament with Verloren's Scythe.

Teito tries to think of a way to persuade Frau to release himself from the sythe and bursts through the gates again.[34]

Frau, startled at Teito's sudden appearance, screams in alarm and demands to know why he's there. Guido, annoyed at Frau's shouting, hits him and snaps that he's being too noisy. Frau, still upset and panicked at Teito's reappearance, tries to tell Guido about Teito, only for Guido to mistake his story as Frau having a "nightmare." Guido comforts Frau, telling Frau that he doesn't need to tell him about everything that happens to him.[35]

Teito, recognizing Guido as the former Zehel from ten years ago stands in front of him and tries to tell him about Frau's current predicament with Verloren's scythe, only for Guido to walk right through him. Teito realizes that he must be watching a video of Frau's past and that Guido is unable to interact with him.[36]

After his failed attempt to talk to Guido, Teito finds himself once more on the other side of the gates, and realizes that he will end up there each time he's rejected from Frau's psyche. Standing in front of the gates, Teito remembers that, although Guido couldn't interact with him, Frau could, which causes him to realize that his former hypothesis was wrong. He wasn't watching a video of Frau's past; he was actually participating in Frau's past ten years ago.[37]

Teito resolves that he'll do something about Frau's predicament and goes through the gates once more.[38]

Teito finds himself standing beside Guido, who is talking to a woman about how Frau is getting better at flying the Aegis, causing her to comment that Frau is a quick learner. Guido proudly confirms her comment, saying that Frau is a talented person or he wouldn't have set his eyes on having him as his student. A voice calls out to Teito, who turns and sees that the person who called to him is Frau.[39]

Frau asks what Teito is, before demanding to know what he's doing talking to Guido. Frau insists that it's impossible for a "brat" like Teito to approach Guido so easily because Guido isn't an "old guy." Teito tells Frau that it wasn't like he was talking about anything with Guido and explains that he doesn't think he can interact with anyone other than him. After his explanation, Teito is silent for a few moments before coming to the realization that Frau is jealous. Teito becomes irritated and glares at Frau, who's confused at Teito's sudden change in mood.[40]

Teito calms down and explains to Frau that Guido was praising him, saying that Frau's flying techniques were good. Teito then requests being able to talk with Frau some more, commenting that he's also interested in ships. However, Frau sighs and turns Teito's request down, saying that Teito acted "overfamiliar." He tells Teito that the crew (including himself) were busy and that Teito needs to get lost. Desperate, Teito grabs Frau's wrist and tells him to wait as he doesn't have much time and begs Frau to listen to what he has to say. However Frau glares at him and Teito finds himself once more outside the gates.[41]

Teito realizes that if he tries to drag Frau out by force, he'll retreat further inside his own psyche. Realizing that he's panicking, Teito tries to calm down. He then begins to synchronize his breathing with Frau's and once more enters through the gates.[42]

Frau exclaims that it's Teito again and demands to know why he keeps on coming aboard the Aegis as he pleases. Teito tries to apologize but Frau throws his book at him and hits him in the head. Teito thinks to himself that the gate is too random and wonders what exactly he should do, as if he tried to help Frau any further than his relationship with him would become uncertain. Teito then notices the thickness of the book Frau threw at him and realizes that it's a language book.[43]

Surprised, Teito exclaims that Frau was actually reading a serious book, causing Frau to tell Teito that he's a rude person. Frau tells Teito that despite his appearance, he's already mastered four national languages. Teito is awed and tells Frau that he's amazing. Frau brushes off Teito's compliment and says that those four languages were only the beginning, as he wanted to learn as many languages as Guido, who has almost no language he can't speak and can interact with people from various countries easily. Frau says that his inspiration to learn as much as possible stems from his desire to be able to take part in Guido's business deals. Teito realizes that Frau looks a lot more like an adult when he's a child and realizes that Frau's pushing himself to the limits to try and be acknowledged by Guido, whom he admires.[44]

To his surprise, Teito notices that Frau is studying the Raggs song. Frau is surprised that Teito can read it and asks if he can speak the Raggs language. Teito tentatively agrees, and Frau asks him for help with some grammar and vocabulary he's studying.[45]

After all Teito's help, Frau says that Teito's unexpectedly good and asks Teito if he can translate a sentence for him. Teito does so, and informs Frau that it's a verse from the bible. Teito realizes that the verse is the same one that Frau dedicated to him two months earlier, when Teito was preparing to take the bishop exam.[46]

Teito leans closer to Frau (too close for Frau's comfort,) and asks him if he feels nostalgic, but Frau insists that this was the first time he was able to translate the book properly. Teito questions whether Frau talked about the verse somewhere with someone. Before a confused Frau can answer, a voice calls out to Teito, asking if he wants power to tear everything into pieces and to be able to devour everything.[47]

Desperate, Teito tries to warn Frau about the upcoming Raggs war, but is fast-forwarded in time to the Raggs war. Guido orders Frau to take something to the church and Frau reluctantly complies, knowing that something's wrong as Guido isn't teasing him like he usually does. During his escape, Frau meets up with Teito, who calmly informs him that the reason Guido sent him away is because he wants to keep Frau out of danger, as the Aegis is being targeted by the Barsburg's air fleet.[48]

Frau then meets Magdalen, who anxiously tells him that he should be heading for the church, but Frau insists that he doesn't want to be abandoned. While Frau and Magdalen are running towards each other, Teito, whose following Frau, senses the Aegis being fired upon and screams for Frau to take cover. As the explosion hits, Teito is thrown out of the gates and almost falls off the stairs, but manages to keep from falling. Dangling from the stairs, Teito screams Frau's name.[49]

Teito sees blood coming out from Frau's gate and, believing Frau's hurt, immediately re-enters. He sees that Frau is still alive, having been shielded by Magdalen, who tells Frau that he has to live on because he's Guido's hope. Magdalen dies of her injuries and Frau immediately goes to check on Guido. Frau sees nothing left but Guido's hand on the Aegis' steering wheel, and screams in horror.[50]

Frau begs for anyone of the Aegis crew to answer him, but receives no response. Realizing that Guido is dead, Frau begins to slowly loose his mind to despair, thinking that there's no hope left without Guido. He decides that he will stay on the Aegis to keep it afloat despite the fact that the Barsburg fleet is going to attack again.[51]

Before it can happen, Landkarte appears and takes advantage of Frau's insanity, tempting him with the power of Verloren's scythe "to destroy and devour everything." Landkarte then puts Verloren's scythe in Frau, who destroys one of Barsburg's fleet ships, while Frau proclaims that there's no hope left even if he finds a certain soul.[52]

While Teito is watching this happen, he notices Verloren's hand trying to grab Frau, and immediately tries to convince Frau that there's hope left. Teito tells Frau that he will become a bishop and that he'll protect many things, and tells Frau that he should live due to the feelings Guido entrusted to him.[53]

Teito pleads with Frau not to let his life end, asking him if Frau won't let it end for himself if he'll keep himself alive for Teito's sake. Just as Verloren's hand is about to grab Frau, an explosion occurs. Teito then finds himself standing beside the Frau he's used to.[54]

Frau tells Teito that the Aegis was supposedly decommissioned after the Raggs war, and that the sky pirates were subject to subjugation throughout Barsburg's empire. However, Frau reveals that the subjugation of the sky pirates is actually a lie and that the Aegis, rather than being decommissioned, is still flying somewhere. Frau reveals that he couldn't believe that Guido was dead and confesses that he always believed Guido was alive somewhere. Frau also reveals that he had Verloren's scythe swallow it in an effort to preserve Guido's legacy and the memory of his hero, Guido.[55]

Frau then confesses to Teito he doesn't have any memory of when the scythe took him over ten years ago. Teito tells Frau that Guido was Zehel before him and that after Frau was overtaken by the scythe, he came to attack Teito to try and get Pandora's box. Teito reveals that Frau actually died ten years ago on the Aegis, having lost his physical body in the explosion. However, Guido, who was ready to ascend to heaven, noticed Frau's plight and came to stop him. Teito says that Guido gave Frau Zehel's power so he could control the scythe, and reveals that Frau has been kept alive by Guido for the past ten years because of it.[56]

Teito changes the subject, wanting to know how the Aegis managed to get in Verloren's scythe, causing Frau to reply that the scythe has a bottomless appetite. Frau bids farewell to the ruined Aegis, coming to terms with Guido's death and letting the Aegis dissolve to nothing.[57]

Frau then scolds Teito for coming to save him after he was willing to give his life to let Teito escape Verloren, however Teito refuses to let Frau become Verloren. Frau tries to convince Teito there's no other way, only for Teito to tell Frau that there is, asking for Frau to have faith in him.[58]

Teito then requests that Frau fight Verloren together with him, and Frau accepts, calling himself a "stubborn stud."[59]

Removing the ScytheEdit

In the present, in Verloren's core, Teito finally manages to remove the scythe from the throne.[60]

Screenshot 2015-08-19 at 04.50.33

The end of the journey

Fighting AyanamiEdit

Teito fights Ayanami, and a while later, disappears from Ayanami's sight, along with Verloren's scythe, but not before giving Ayanami a dangerous smile, hinting that he (Teito) may have an as yet unknown plan to defeat Ayanami/Verloren.

Ayanami's deathEdit

Teito tries to save Ayanami, but Ayanami calls him a fool and forcefully separates himself from Teito so that Teito won't be devoured by the darkness. 

Teito goes to Seele to save Frau from Verloren's scythe, dying in the process. At the end of the series, Teito has been reborn as Wahrheit Teito Klein, and years later, at the age of 40, he becomes Pope of the Barsburg Church and reestablishes the kingdom of Raggs.


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