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Ogi's Intelligence Unit
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General information
Leader(s) Ogi
Founder(s) Ogi
Base Possibly Hohburg Fortress
Affiliation Ogi
Purpose Espionage
Manga debut Kapitel 21
Anime debut NA

Ogi's Intelligence Unit is an underground network of spies commanded by major general (rear-admiral) Ogi. The unit operates outside the law of District 1, and is so secretive that not even the Field Marshal or King of Barsburg know of its existence.[1]

The purpose of the intelligence unit is for members to ingratiate themselves with members of the military in order to gather incriminating information that could be used against enemies, and is primarily used by Ogi to further his own goals (manga chapter 21).

The intelligence unit was infiltrated by a member of the Chief of Staff's Black Hawks, Katsuragi, who disguised himself as an existing member. Katsuragi later killed Ogi, and it is unknown what happened to the intelligence unit after his (Ogi's) death.


It is unknown exactly when the Intelligence Unit was founded or who founded them, but it could have been Ogi, as they were seen following his orders.

During the Raggs WarEdit

Main article: Raggs War

It is likely that the Intelligence Unit was founded before or during the Raggs War,[2] as the current Katsuragi disguised himself as a member of the Intelligence Unit during this period.

Post-Raggs WarEdit

The Intelligence Unit were seen to be active after the Raggs War. In their first appearance it is revealed that Ogi's immediate goal was to overthrow the current Chief of Staff and have a member take the position, as well as obtain the Eye of Mikhail.

Manga synopsisEdit

Discovery of the Eye of MikhailEdit

The Intelligence Unit first appeared after the location of the Eye of Mikhail was made known to the Barsburg army. Ogi secretly met with Katsuragi, who he had placed as a spy in Ayanami's Black Hawks with the intention of overthrowing him.

Ogi's deathEdit

Although their actions have not been seen, it is also likely that Ogi used the unit to dispatch of admirals Nabiki and Shiroki, as well as make preparations to kill Field Marshal Wakaba Oak and frame Chief of Staff Ayanami, as Katsuragi was involved and Ogi spoke of "collecting evidence".

However, it was eventually revealed that the Intelligence Unit was infiltrated by a member of the Chief of Staff's Black Hawks, Katsuragi, who disguised himself as an existing member. Katsuragi later killed Ogi, and it remains a mystery whether the unit was disbanded after the death of their leader.


  1. In Kapitel 21, Ogi says: "to know of the intelligence unit is to die".
  2. Ogi says that no one found out Katsuragi was a member of the intelligence unit when Ogi became leader of the first fleet. Since Ogi was leader of the third fleet during the Raggs War the unit must have been founded during/before the Raggs War.

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