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Ilyusha Krat
イリューシャ=クラート Iryusha Kurato
Labrador as he appears in the anime.
Aliases Labrador Raburadōru ラブラドール(new identity)

Lab (by Frau and Castor)
Instructor Lab (by Lance)
Flower guy, gardener (by Kuroyuri)
Beautiful Prophet, beautiful Profe (by Verloren)
Profe (by Verloren and Mikhail)
That prophet (by Hyuuga)

Species Ghost
Nationality District 4
Gender Male
Age In his 20s
Birthday 8 January
Height 175 cm
Weight 50kg [1]
Personal status
Status Alive
Relatives Profe (paternal ancestor)
Labrador's Father (father)
Labrador's Uncle (uncle)
Lem (adoptive brother)
Lirin (adoptive sister)
Raggs War Profe
Professional status
Occupation Bishop

Acts as Ghost Profe

Affiliation The Barsburg Church
The 07 Ghosts
Krat Family
Manga Kapitel 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Miyata Kouki
Labrador, born Ilyusha Krat, is one of the main characters of the 07-ghost manga and anime series. He serves as a Bishop of the Barsburg Church located in District 7, and his job there is to protect the citizens by removing Verloren's messengers, the Kor. Labrador is seen spending most of his time in the gardens of the Church where he takes care of and converses with the plants there and makes them into herbal remedies. He is also able to manipulate them using his healing Zaiphon, meaning he is able to weaponize them.

The manga later reveals that he was originally born into the Krat Family, being a descendant of the ghost Profe, and after he died began serving as one of the Seven Ghosts. Labrador is the Ghost known as Profe, the one that is able to see one's future.

In the final manga chapter, he became an ordinary human and lost his Ghost powers.




Labrador is shown interacting with Castor the most out of the Bishops and the two are often found together. He and Castor sometimes undermine Frau's intelligence for the fun of it. While infiltrating Princess Ouka's birthday party, Labrador posed as Castor's wife.

They are shown to care deeply for each other; with Castor going as far as taking a would-be fatal attack meant for Labrador in Kapitel 46. Castor has also admitted that he liked Labrador for his naivety. Labrador has tended to Castor's wounds on numerous occasions.


Labrador and Frau are shown interacting little but they seem to get along relatively well, Frau comforting Labrador when he was worried on one occasion. Labrador often makes fun of Frau when he does something dangerous or stupid.

After foreseeing Teito's future, Labrador advised Frau to "never let go of Teito's hand" with an uncharacteristically serious expression. During the Hawkzile Race, Labrador assisted Frau and Teito.


Of all the Bishops, Labrador is the one who interacts with Lance the most and is the most friendly towards him, with Hakuren Oak remarking that they look like good friends. When Lance returned from his travels, Labrador greeted him warmly and expressed relief to see him- as due to his abnormally long absence he was believed dead. Labrador was pleased with the gift Lance brought him.
Labrador and Lance

Labrador and Lance's reunion

Labrador seemed to be the Bishop most tolerant of Lance's character, as he smiled upon hearing Lance's stories, and laughed at his "Baculus divining" instead of chastising him like Bishops Frau and Castor.


Due to Mikhail's bias in favour of those who possess beauty, Mikhail seems to favour Labrador/Profe over the other Ghosts, as reincarnations of Profe tend to be very beautiful. Being one of the Seven Ghosts and therefore an immortal being, Labrador has known Mikhail for a very long time.

In a drama CD track, Labrador seems rather wary around Mikhail, and makes some tea for the angel. Hakuren noted that out of the three main bishops, Labrador was the best at dealing with Mikhail.


Little is known about Labrador's relationship with Raphael. Being one of the Seven Ghosts and therefore an immortal being, Labrador has known Raphael for a very long time. Apart from that, nothing else is known about their relationship.

Family Edit


From what little has been presented of their relationship, Labrador seems to respect his father. After regaining his humanity, Labrador returned to his childhood home and made it a point to visit his father's grave. They are said to have died in similar ways.

Lem and Lirin

Labrador dearly loved his adoptive siblings and sacrificed his life for them.


Although Labrador and his uncle were on good terms, neither was saddened by the other's death.



Labrador seems fond of his apprentice, and Castor and Lance remark that their (Labrador and Ouida's) relationship is similar to a mother-son relationship. Ouida is respectful and caring towards Labrador, telling him not to sleep outdoors, making tea for him, and obediently following his instructions (e.g. preparing some light food for Kyle, Lance's apprentice, on Labrador's orders, when Kyle was unwell). In return, Labrador seems to care for Ouida as well, and acknowledges his apprentice's abilities, saying that Ouida learns fast and has been a great help. 

Teito Klein

Labrador and Teito do not interact much but have a good relationship, and Teito is respectful towards Labrador, addressing and referring to him as 'Labrador-san'. Labrador once gave Teito a Flower of Protection, and has said that Teito's soul is beautiful.

Later in the series, along with Frau and Castor, Labrador defended Teito during the Hawkzile Race and, after Teito was captured, sneaked into Hohburg Fortress in an attempt to rescue Teito. When Teito uncovered the sin of the Krat House of God, Labrador as Profe personally thanked him. Labrador was one of the people who witnessed Teito depart for Seele.

Hakuren Oak

Labrador spends little time with Hakuren, but they get along well. He gave Hakuren a flower (Kapitel 36) as a good luck charm so that 'his journey would go smoothly and he wouldn't forget his friends'.


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