Kapitel 98
The Form of Love
General information
Volume number 17
Chapter number 98
Number of pages 35
Cover Phrase Finally, is it time for revival...!?
Cover Character(s) Ayanami
Anime counterpart NA
Chapter guide
Preceded by
Kapitel 97
Followed by
Kapitel 99

Kapitel 98: The Form of Love is the ninety-eighth chapter overall, third chapter of volume 17 of the 07 Ghost manga series, and second-last chapter of the series.


Eve is revealed to have become 'invisible love' mixed with the lives and hearts of humans after her death.

A flashback shows that at the age of fourteen, while attending Dalia Barsburg's coronation ceremony, Dalia's unsealing of the Eye of Raphael caused Ayanami to remember that he is Verloren, and become a [[Warsfeil. Unable to bear the scandal, his family decided to execute him. Ayanami, then known as Krowell, escaped to Barsburg with Yukikaze, and on the way there, changed his name to Ayanami. Yukikaze's death is revealed to have reminded Ayanami of Weldeschtein Krom Raggs's and Eve's deaths.

Back in the present, Ayanami is gravely injured and dying as a result of being impaled by Verloren's Scythe. Teito tries to save him, but he calls Teito a fool and forcefully separates himself from Teito so that Teito won't be devoured by the darkness.

In the afterlife, Verloren is pleasantly surprised to see white feathers all around him, signifying that he is forgiven by the Chief of Heaven.

Quotes from this chapterEdit

  • "I have been here ever since I fell from heaven. All these lights are me." (Eve's explanation)


  • It is revealed Verloren is reunited with Eve in the afterlife, and they are shown reaching out to each other to touch hands, implying that Verloren's touch is no longer fatal.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  • Teito's paternal grandparents

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