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Hakuren Oak
ハクレン=オーク Hakuren Ōku
Hakuren as he appears in the anime.
Aliases Fox-face, fox (once by Teito Klein, and once by an examinee in anime)

Oak (by one of Ouka's attendants and Haruse)
The Oaks' disgrace and kisama (by Shuri Oak)[1]
That human who's dear to my master (by Mikhail)
Young master (by servants of the Oak Family)
Princess Chamberlain (official title as Ouka's tutor)

Species Human
Nationality Barsburg (District 3)
Gender Male
Age 16
Birthday 15 October[2]
Height 167cm
Weight 50kg[3]
Personal status
Status Alive
Relatives Relikt (ancestor)
Hakuren's Father (father)
Hakuren's Mother (mother)
Wakaba Oak (paternal uncle)
Shuri's Mother (paternal aunt by marriage)
Shuri Oak (first cousin)
Raggs War Relikt
Other members of the Oak Family
Professional status
Occupation Apprentice Bishop

Tutor to Roseamanelle Ouka Barsburg (OR-0007)

Affiliation The Barsburg Church

Oak Family

Manga Kapitel 9
Anime Episode 11
Japanese Jun Fukuyama
Hakuren Oak is a main character in the 07-Ghost anime and manga series. He is first introduced as Teito's roommate at the Church and his self-proclaimed rival for the Bishop's Apprentice Exam. After a rough start, Hakuren later becomes a close friend of Teito. Hakuren is a member of the very wealthy Oak family in District 2, but he chose to become a bishop rather than follow the Oak family's tradition to go into politics or the military.

After passing the exam he worked under Bishop Castor, but received a letter from his father asking him to return home to serve as a tutor to the princess. After realising the things that were covered up by the military, he decided to be the princess's tutor in order to let the voices of the weak be heard by the royal family.


In Japanese, 'haku' can mean 'white', 'box' or a Japanese noble title which can mean 'master/lord/overseer'.

'Ren' can mean 'lotus', or the word 'ren' may be from 'rengoku', which means 'purgatory'. Ren can also mean 'to connect or link' in Japanese culture.

In Supreme Sugar, there is a drawing of Hakuren by the author, with the kanji '白蓮' (meaning 'white lotus') written beside him.

In Japanese, 'ouku' means 'Oak', which is the national trees for many countries, including Germany, which symbolizes strength and endurance. The leaf of the oak is also commonly seen on military awards and military insignia.

Alternatively, 'ou' can mean 'king', and 'district', 'distress' and 'clause' can be pronounced as 'ku' in Japanese.

Early 07-GhostEdit


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  • 'You're the first person who's ever risked his life to save mine.' (to Teito)
  • Hakuren: I won't become what my father wants... and besides, I dislike women.
    Labrador: Isn't your mother a woman?
    Hakuren: Mother is Mother.
    Labrador: Razette?
    Hakuren: Razette isn't a lady yet. She's a child. (conversation between Hakuren and Labrador, Volume 7 Chp 036 page 23 to 24)


  • At first, many fans mistakenly thought that Hakuren and Shuri are siblings.
  • Hakuren is underweight according to Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation.
  • Hakuren is uneasy or dizzy when he is close with females, he calls this "sickness" joseiyoi. It originates from his father's making him see many photos of females (in order to choose a prospective wife) since he was a child (manga chapter 64). However, he has never been shown feeling ill around the nuns of the Church and other minor female characters, possibly because he spends very little time with them. After establishing a closer relationship with Ouka and her ladies-in-waiting, his joseiyoi in their presence also lessened, although he still feels uneasy if they are very near him, especially in an enclosed space like a carriage.
  • There has been speculation in the fandom that Hakuren is homosexual, with his aversion to women cited as evidence for this theory. However, it is never confirmed or disproved.
  • Hakuren's name can mean: "white lotus". The Barsburg cross he has tattooed on his lower back is decorated with a white lotus. 
  • Hakuren has stated that he is pursuing a path in the clergy because he genuinely wants to help people and also to take revenge against his father, but it is also possible that he joined the Church because being a bishop means that he doesn't have to spend a lot of time around women (it seems that the bishops and nuns of the Church rarely intermingle, and apart from the nuns, the only women in the Church are female visitors, and the Guardians of the Bridge of Trials, whom he cannot see).
  • It is unknown if Hakuren inherited Zaiphon from one of his parents, and if so, whom. His zaiphon ability can also be attributed to the fact that he is a descendant of one of the Seven Ghosts.
  • Hakuren has a mirror in his clothes.[4]
  • In anime episode 20, after Haruse recognizes that Hakuren is a member of the Oak family, he says he can't leave Hakuren in the church and takes him with them. As his mission is to retrieve Teito Klein only, he really has no reason to bother to take a passerby (Hakuren) back to the military. Hence, there is a chance that Hakuren is wanted, as in the 07-Ghost world soldiers also have law enforcement duties. However, when Hakuren became a royal tutor, he was clearly not in trouble with Barsburg law, indicating that whatever charges there had been against him, he had been acquitted of them.
  • When Razette changed her face into Hakuren's face, Hakuren said that the face (i.e. his own face) is lovely.[5]
  • Hakuren is a fan of spicy food.[6]
  • Both Hakuren and Frau have the standard bishop tattoo, but Hakuren's is considerably larger than Frau's.
  • Although he usually wears spectacles when reading, he was shown reading a newspaper without spectacles when he met Teito in the Barsburg palace.
  • He did not know about Teito's connection to the Seven Ghosts, but the fact that he saw Teito leave for The Land of Seele could mean that he eventually realised part of it. Furthermore, Teito had once guessed that Hakuren would not be surprised if he were to be told about the Ghosts and the whole truth about Teito's past; given their good relationship and mutual understanding of each other, Teito's guess was probably correct.
  • In a drama CD, Mikhail questions Hakuren's taste in music. This is a little ironic because Hakuren's voice actor, Jun Fukuyama, is a professional singer.

'Extras' related triviaEdit

  • Hakuren comes from the cadet branch of the Oaks, while Shuri comes from the senior branch. [7]
  • Hakuren said that love letters are dirty. [8]
  • Hakuren has made some desserts Teito wants to eat for him.[9]
  • There are six servants and two washrooms in the house where Hakuren's family lives. They have three villas too. (Drama CD track)
  • He has borrowed yoga books from Castor and wants Teito to try it, because he sees that Teito often wakes up from nightmares in his sleep. (Drama CD track)
  • He has sung a lullaby to Teito when the latter is possessed by Mikhail, upon Mikhail's request. [10]
  • In Supreme Sugar, there is a picture in which Hakuren wears an earring on his left ear.

Fanbook/animation book related triviaEdit

  • Hakuren likes cooking. [11]
  • His blood type is A.


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