District 24
- -
Rsz n020
Physical information
Location Unknown
Language Language of Barsburg
Currency Unknown
Government Unknown
Ruler Possibly none
Manga Kapitel 71
Anime NA
Location on map
District 24 first appeared in Kapitel 71Frau regained consciousness in District 24 after escaping from Ayanami, who had tried to kill him. It is a very poor district with squalid living conditions, and many of the people who live there rely on begging and petty theft to survive. RyuuNeneBarm and Moz are the only named inhabitants of District 24. District 24 is not part of the Barsburg Empire.


  • Hakuren Oak has mentioned that after the Raggs War, the weakest people, or those who were of no use to the Barsburg Armed Forces, were forced to live in the slums. The population of District 24 probably consists mostly, if not entirely, of such people.

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