ベルニロゼ Beruniroze
No image available
Purpose Possibly decoration
Owner(s) Raggs
Manga Kapitel 95 (mentioned only)
Anime NA
A word in the Language of RaggsBelnirose refers to a flower native to Raggs.


While it has not appeared in the series so far, the belnirose is described as a 'small red rose'. [1]

Manga synopsisEdit

The belnirose is briefly mentioned in Kapitel 95.


  • 'Belni' sounds like 'Bellini', an Italian name that means 'little beautiful one'. This could allude to the belnirose's beauty and small size.
  • When Teito was kidnapped by his stepmother before the Raggs War started, he mentioned wanting to give his father some red flowers. It is possible he meant belniroses.


  1. In Kapitel 95, Teito Klein tells Frau that the belnirose is a small red rose.

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